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Atif aslam popular songs reviews like doorie, meri kahani

AAtif aslam popular songs reviews like doorie, meri kahanitif Aslam is among best Pakistani singers and has won worldwide recognition for his voice quality and consideration of music spirit. Most of his numbers are composed for various hit Indian movies and in almost every song, his voice features the tone of the lyric. Above given songs such as Doori, Meri Kahani, Mahi Ve, O Re Piya, Yunhi, Teria Yadan, Dosti and Hona tha Pyar are among best songs by Atif.

Atif Aslam is the heart beat of millions of music lovers in south Asia and in such a young age he has won a conquering popularity for his zestful and dynamic tone of voice. He has brought several hits in his previous two albums, ‘Doori’ (released in 2006) and ‘Meri Kahani’ (2008). Who knew that a canteen singer of PAF College, Lahore would be the legend of pop music in the century? He has a God gifted dreamy voice and fate has bestowed him to bring this hidden talent out.

Before his first International album ‘Doori’, he has been stepped on the track of popularity with his very first song ‘Adaat‘ and number of other singles like ‘Yunhi’, ‘Terian Yaadan’ and Dosti . Doori with a tragic title song ‘Doori’ was enough to open the doors of golden opportunities for this young Pakistani music legend. Doori was super hit album by Atif and it brought a beautiful rock track with number of hit songs like ‘Ham Kis Galli’, ‘Kuch Is Tarha’, ‘Mahi Ve’, Ehsas and O Re Piya are considered best and mesmeric songs. Ham Kis Gaali is excellent combination of his rhythmic voice and singing aptitude.

In this album, Atif used to sing in such a matured manner as it never seems that he is going to make his first entry into professional music world. In his melodramatic, tragic love song Doori, he has full control over his voice and rhythm and presented this romantic and sensational song with an unseen relish and passion. All the hits of this amorous album are most excellent music pieces and are expected to be long heard songs in the region.

Meri kahani, Atif Aslam’s next pace towards success and popularity and also proved a good track of beautiful songs by this rock star. Though Meri kahani (released in 2008) didn’t hit the musical chart to such a winning level as it had been experienced in Doori anyhow, it was another good addition in the singing career of Atif Aslam.

The best songs of this Album was undoubtedly , ‘Meri Khani’ and whenever I used to hear this songs, it reminds me Ali Hiader’s ‘Puraani Jeans’. The tone of the song and mood of the lyric, presents the same theme. Meri kahani is a very soft and heart touching song with simple idea of beautiful memories of past days. Hip hop music and guitar mingles to bring an element of fanaticism and zeal in this song. In Doori, it feels that Atif’s voice implausibly cope with the tragic element of the song while in Meri kahani, it brings an entirely different and unique stroke to this recall of previous, worries free times.

Both songs are among ever best performances of Atif Aslam and these two songs play an important and vital role in his singing career. ‘Hona tha Payr’ is another most striking and outstanding love song by Atif, helps to make everyone feel enchanted by symmetry of his voice.

Music lovers and Atif’s fans are looking forward that this music legend would continue his voyage on the musical track of fame and success.

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